3 Family Fun Games to Play at Home

Family Playing Outside Together | Mishawaka, IN

Spending more time at home with your kids this season can be rewarding and challenging. If you’re looking for new activities to freshen up your routine, here are a few of our favorite family-friendly games to play at home.

Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe: For families with young children at home, playing an easy-to-understand game of lawn tic-tac-toe can help little ones learn about strategy and help improve motor skills. The game can be easily assembled using materials you already have at home like Popsicle sticks, string, and circular objects.

Bean Bag Bowl Toss: Using large mixing bowls, bean bags, tape, and spare paper, you can create a homemade skee ball game in no time. Simply tape a point value on each bowl, line them up, and toss your bean bag into the container. To help reinforce arithmetic skills for older kids, have them keep track of their own scores.

Water Cup Races: Though you might not be able to visit the fair this year, you can recreate a fun carnival favorite in your backyard. Poke a hole in a plastic cup and thread a string through the hole before tying both ends to opposing trees or fence posts. Repeat this step for each cup “racer,” then grab your squirt gun and see whose cup crosses the finish line first.

Enjoy making memories with your family this summer. And remember to call us at Jordan Ford in Mishawaka if you have any questions about bringing home a new Ford model or maintaining your current one. 

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