Stress-Free Exercises While Working From Home

Woman Practicing Yoga at Home | Mishawaka, IN

Here at Jordan Ford, we’re committed to helping you find a simple, easy, and stress-free experience when car shopping. Now, we’d like to help you find this inner sense of calm while you’re working from home. We’ve rounded up some relaxation techniques to help you stay focused and balanced in your life as you enjoy the benefits and overcome the challenges of remote work.

Pactice deep breathing exercises. While it might sound simple, deep-breathing techniques can stimulate the vagus nerve, reduce your heart rate, and lower blood pressure. Start by sitting with your back straight, deeply inhaling through your nose and letting your stomach rise. Exhale through the mouth, pushing out as much air as possible while counting slowing. Aim to breathe from the abdomen, not the chest.

You can also try mindfulness and rhythmic movement exercises. Though an intense workout may not be soothing, basic exercise such as walking, swimming, and biking create a flow of repetitive movement that can gently stimulate your body and trigger a relaxation response. Don’t focus on burning calories; instead, pay attention to the repetition of the movements.

Progressive muscle relaxation is another technique to practice. This two-step process requires you to tense a muscle and then completely relax that same muscle. Try starting with your toes, then working your way up through the muscle groups, finishing with your neck and head. The key is to focus your attention and take it slow. You can also combine muscle relaxation with deep breathing for added stress relief.

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