Life Hacks for Your Next Family Road Trip

2019 Ford Expedition | Mishawaka, IN

If you just bought a new (or new-to-you) Ford like the Explorer or Expedition, you’re probably itching to go on a family-friendly adventure out of Mishawaka, IN. To help you make the most of your next vacation, Jordan Ford has assembled some must-have family road trip accessories below.

No More Motion Sickness

While many people find road trips relaxing, those who suffer from motion sickness likely disagree. If you or a loved one is plagued with nausea on long drives, Sea-Bands can help. These innovative bracelets help combat motion sickness using acupressure on your wrist.

Stay Shady

Sure, the sun warms our planet and sustains basically every living organism on Earth, but it is also the greatest adversary you will ever face in the battle to see clearly while driving your Ford Escape and avoid premature aging. Though you and your family should all be wearing (and regularly re-applying) SPF during the day, you can also use sun shades to help keep those harmful rays out of your baby’s eyes.

Gotta Go

Your kids will pick the most inopportune times possible to urgently demand a potty break on the road, but a portable toilet will help answer nature’s call if you’re miles from the nearest rest stop.

Stop in to Jordan Ford to shop for your perfect road trip vehicle today.

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