Top 3 Podcasts to Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

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Make the most of your morning and evening commutes by subscribing to some of the top podcasts around. Now easily accessible on a range of apps, podcasts are tailored to every audience. Whether you’re a sports fan, book worm, or news junkie, you can optimize your drive with these podcasts.

Even if you’re not the biggest sports fans, listeners around the globe tune in to The Fantasy Footballers every year, which is powered by the Fantasy Football Podcast. The hosts are passionate about fantasy football, but they’re not condescending or over the top. The episodes are an hour long, and they air at least two per week.

Looking for something more relaxing? Consider Dhamma Talks by Amaravati. This podcast teaches you to be present in the current moment, with information on Buddhist monastics. And you don’t need to be religious to enjoy the meditative atmosphere this podcast will create on your ride – even if you’re stuck in gridlock.

For an eclectic interview-format podcast, check out Fresh Air by National Public Radio. Terry Gross is one of the most well-known interviewers in the world and Fresh Air has been a mainstay of the podcast community since its inception. Gross is soothing yet always interesting, and she’s not afraid to pull the punches to question her interviewees directly.

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