Ford Bronco Sport is the Coolest Car for Dads

2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Mishawaka, IN

Finding the right ride for a dad is no easy feat. It needs to be capable, useful, easy on the eyes, and fun to drive. And according to trusted automotive resource Kelley Blue Book, the Ford Bronco Sport is the coolest car for dads.

In KBB’s list of the top cars and SUVs with a fair purchase price under $30,000, the Bronco was ranked at the very top. “Let’s say your dad is rugged but doesn’t need a hard-core off-roader,” says KBB editor Matt DeLorenzo. “The Ford Bronco Sport has the personality of the new Bronco but is a more practical and road-friendly four-door SUV.”

DeLorenzo went on to praise off-road capabilities that make the Bronco Sport a good pick for dads who like to spend time outdoors, whether camping or fishing. Designed for adventure and offered at a variety of trim levels to suit different lifestyles, the Bronco Sport is a rugged, family-friendly ride that dads will certainly find more enjoyable than a minivan.

But more than just capable off the road, the Bronco Sport is also full of convenient technologies and well-designed interior features that make every ride enjoyable for the kids too, not just for dad. Make sure to visit Jordan Ford in Mishawaka, Indiana, for a better look at the coolest car for dads.