Ford Teams Up with State Farm to Reduce Ownership Costs

Ford Escape Safety | Mishawaka, IN

Your insurance company can be a life-saver if you ever get into an accident, but did you know that it might also help you save some money? Ford has recently partnered with insurance industry titan State Farm to promote driving safely and to help you reduce your vehicle ownership costs.

In 2020, Ford teamed up with State Farm to pilot a program that allowed the insurance juggernaut to access driving statistics using the all-new Vehicle Build Data product. This data allowed State Farm to analyze the ways Ford’s state-of-the-art safety technologies lessen how often people file insurance claims.

Per Tim Meek, Ford Digital Insurance Manager, the automaker is “using data to help our customers get the most out of their Ford, at a lower total cost of ownership.” After just a short pilot program, State Farm was able to offer customers that owned certain Ford vehicle with specific safety features as much as 20 percent off their insurance premiums. Better still, customers with Ford vehicles dating back to 2010 are expected to reap benefits as the program continues.

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